MOK Legionowo

The Municipal Cultural Centre of. Ch. S. Chaplin in Legionowo [MOK]

For over thirty years the identity of the Cultural Center has ranged around a few core areas of its activity: animating and promoting the amateur art movement, supporting mainstream artistic professionals and artists of independent trends related to Legionowo, providing the close contact with the world-class art, particularly in the fields of art, classical music, jazz and rock to local recipients.

With two functional locations and a modern auditorium as well as a team of professionals, engaged in their work entertainers, the Cultural Centre takes a challange of integrating 50.000 community in a very densely populated town, situated just at the border of the capital, Warsaw.

With the ability to self-define their mission, The Cultural Center is a valuable and attractive partner for other institutions, organizations and associations to implement ambitious art projects, cultural and educational programmes. The effects of these projects result in delamination of urbanized one-dimensional space limitations, paving the way for harmony and sustainable development.


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