Galahad came together in the year 1985, starting by playing covers of work done by groups such as Genesis, Zeppelin, Rush, Sabbath, Focus, Marillion and others, as well as some of their own material, just to be able to get a gig. Later, experimenting with grander material from the likes of IQ, Pendragon and Magnum, Galahad decided to strike out on their own in a much bigger way, writing and playing their own material, which culminated in the release  of  their first proper album in 1991, 'Nothing Is Written', which was self-financed and released independently and sold several thousand copies.

Over the years Galahad have gone on to play hundreds of shows all over the UK, Europe and America, releasing eight studio albums, among which three were awarded prestigious prizes and numerous live albums/DVD’s along the way, and also worked on side projects such as The Galahad Electric Company and the Galahad Acoustic Quintet.

The band have never been ones to rest on their laurels and have strived over the years to constantly evolve, absorbing numerous influences and always looking to the future.

Their last three studio albums -  'Empires Never Last' , ‘Battle Scars’ and ‘Beyond the Realms of Euphoria’ have seen them taking on a heavier, more muscular, guitar-orientated direction, utilizing a  liberal use of sequencers and more groove/dance orientated beats to create a unique modern sound, whilst retaining the odd nod to their unique ‘Progressive’ past.

In the year 2013  the band published their official biography, entitled ‘One for the Record’ , which was accompanied by a DVD anthology containing rare footage from some of their performances over the years. The band have also played a few very successful European dates as well as the renowned Baja Prog Festival in Mexico.

2014 saw the band release several EP’s which contained acoustic versions of several songs from ‘Euphoria’ and ‘Battle Scars’ as well as re-workings of older songs whilst they were writing next studio album.

2015 marks the 30th anniversary of the band which commenced with the re-release of a re-mixed and re-mastered version of the 2007 ‘Empires Never Last’ album in January, followed later in the year by a best of collection ‘When World’s Collide’, which included a selection of songs from throughout band’s lengthy career including some re-worked versions of older tracks. In addition to this the band played a few special shows to mark this milestone.

2017 saw the band release ‘Quiet Storms’ which shows a more pastoral, mellow side to the band. Early 2018 will see the release a full on prog/rock album ‘Seas of Change’ towards the end of the year which, in true ‘Prog’ tradition, contains just one long form piece of music which will be performed in some form at live shows scheduled to take place in 2018.

  • Nothing Is Written (1991)
  • In A Moment Of Complete Madness (1993)
  • Galahad Acoustic Quintet: Not All There (1994)
  • Sleepers (1995)
  • Following Ghosts (1999)
  • Galahad Electric Company: De-Constructing Ghosts (1999)
  • Year Zero (2002)
  • Empires Never Last (2007)
  • Battle Scars (2012)
  • Beyond The Realms Of Euphoria (2012)
  • Quiet Storms (2017)
  • Seas of Change (2018)


  • The Christmas Lecture (1993)
  • Classic Rock - Live (1996)
  • Two Classic Rock Lives (2008)
  • Sleepless In Phoenixville - RoSfest Live 2007 (2009)
  • Witchurch 92/93 - Live Archives vol. 2 (2012)
  • Solidarity - Live in Konin (2015)


  • Live in Poland - Resonance (2006)
Band line-up:
  • Stuart Nicholson – Vocal and choir
  • Dean Baker – Keyboards, Programmers, etc.
  • Spencer Luckman – Percussion
  • Tim Ashton – Bass
  • Lee Abraham – Electric and acoustic guitar


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