Albion is a band which came together in the first half of the ‘90’s. Their debut album emerged in 1995 and paved the road to later record lables which, over a period of twenty further years, helped to provide the band with a sizeable disocgraphy. Albion’s musi cis packed with  the atmospheric sound of keyboards, complemented with rich guitar solos, given unique character by the voice of Anna Batko, who after many years of separation from the band returned to record ‘You`ll be mine’ (released by theLYNX MUSIC record label in 2018. The group line up is Anna Batko (vocalist), Jerzy Georgius Antczak (on guitars) and Paweł Konieczny (on bass guitars). However, in concert the band widen their line-up by inviting celebrated members of the Cracovian artrock scene to play with them.

Albion’s creativity has always recieved positive recognition from fans of progressive rock. Recently the group have started touring again, playing newly-arranged and even fresher-sounding numbers. It’s interesting to note is the fact that the band entwines Jerzy Antczak’s solo tracks (from his album GEORGIUS) with their song.

Web site Albion

  • Survival Games (1994, MC Artrock)
  • Albion (1995, CD Sick Records)
  • Wabiąc Cienie (2005, CD Lynx Music)[1]
  • Remake (2006, CD Lynx Music)
  • Broken Hopes (2007, CD Lynx Music)
  • The Indefinite State of Matter (2012, CD Lynx Music)
  • You`ll be mine (20.09.2018, CD Lynx Music)
Band line-up:
  • Anna Batko – Vocals
  • Jerzy Antczak – Guitars, Keyboards
  • Paweł Konieczny – Bass
  • Rafał Paszcz – Percussion


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