David Cross Band

David Cross Band

A pioneer of rock violin and former member of the ground-breaking ‘Larks’ Tongues in Aspic’ incarnation of King Crimson, David Cross accepts no limits on the range and power of his instrument or his music. David is a prolific creator with a great number and range of albums to his name. He has toured in Europe, the USA, Japan and South America and with the David Cross Band he has developed a truly progressive stage act delivering up to date, hard-edged rock songs with heart and humour. The band continues to amaze and delight contemporary audiences, playing material from their forthcoming studio album, classics from previous years and some songs from David’s time with King Crimson (always with a DCB twist to them).

‘Sign of the Crow’ (Noisy Records-2016) has been described as ‘an unmitigated masterwork’ and has attracted high acclaim from metal and jazz reviewers as well as progressive rock journalists.

‘Prog has always been a weird beast, but one which has largely been tamed in recent years. With this album, David Cross has proven what can be achieved
when you re-ignite the fire in its belly’. (Mark Ashby in Uber Rock).


  • Memos from Purgatory (1989)
  • The Big Picture (1992)
  • Testing to Destruction (1994)
  • Exiles (1997)
  • Closer Than Skin (2005)
  • Alive in the Underworld (2008) (David Cross Band)
  • Sign of the Crow (2016) (David Cross Band)
  • David Cross and Sean Quinn: Cold Sky Blue (2016)
  • Crossing the tracks (2018)
  • David Cross and David Jackson: Another Day (2018)
  • David Cross and Andrew Booker: Ends Meeting (2018)
  • David Cross and Peter Banks: Crossover (2020)
Band line-up:
  • David Cross - electric violin
  • Jonathan Casey - Lead vocals and guitar
  • Sheila Maloney - keyboards
  • Mick Paul - bass guitar and vocals
  • Jack Summerfield - drums

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