Legionowo Live Art


LegionowoLiveArt is Mikołaj Madejak’s independent project created in 2012 with the goal of coming up with non-commercial cultural campaigns. This project attempts to highlight the artistic and cultural side of Legionowo and to promote a higher level of culture. Thanks to successful cooperation with the Town Cultural Center (MOK) in Legionowo and the Mazovian Vovoideship Marshal we were able to successfully execute several projects. One of the most fortuitous is ProgRockFest itself.

Completed Projects:

  • CoffeetownJazz (April 4-5th 2014)
    • M.A.K. Acoustic Trio (April 4th )
    • Krzysztof Ścierański (April 4th )
    • Pendofsky (April 5th )
    • Witold Janiak Trio / Cinema Meets Jazz (April 5th )
  • DżeziJazz
    • Krzysztof Ścierański (October 27th 2012)
    • Trio: Wolski, Biliński, Skrzypiec (Novemeber 10th 2012)
    • Alber & King Guitar Duo (December 8th 2012)
  • Culture Night (September 12th 2015)
  • Culture Doesn’t Hurt (radio programme- Radio Hobby 89,4 FM/ Warsaw and North Mazovia From October 13th 2015 to May 31st 2016)

Ongoing Projects:

  • Theatre of Unsophisticated Forms
  • ProgRockFest


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