Yesternight is a band comprised of Marcin Boddeman (on vocals), Bartek Woźniak (guitars and keyboards) and Kamil Kluczyński (percussion). The band’s musical style is a fusion of numerous inspirations – it’s a nod to classical music with an attempt at turning uncomplicated tunes into complex, three-dimensional melodies. As a whole, based on a dynamic rythmic section it creates a extraordinary compilation of three-dimensional sounds. The end product of the hard work of a few years is the debut album entitled ‘The False Awakening’, which has been acclaimed by none other than Wiesław Weiss.

The album offers about an hour of music, and here every listener can find a little something for themselves because the songs have a very diverse feel to them. Here there are ballads to be found, as well as much more powerful numbers.

  • The False Awakening (2017)
Band line-up:
  • Marcin Boddeman - Vocal
  • Bartek Woźniak - Guitars, Keyboards
  • Kamil Kluczyński - Percussion
    featuring at concerts:
  • Andrzej Neumann – Bass,
  • Tomasz Znyk – Keyboards


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