Wojciech Ciuraj

Wojciech Ciuraj

A Polish musician and frontman of Walfad prog-rock band where he sings, plays the guitar, mandolin, as well as composes music and writes lyrics. Together with Walfad, he has created four highly acclaimed both by critics and public albums that got their devoted followers not only in Poland but abroad too. He has had the privilege to support such prog-rock music giants as Procol Harum, Marillion ( during first Marillion Weekend in Poland), Colin Bass from Camel and Riverside, one of the most recognized contemporary neo-prog name, during its Wasteland Tour 2018. In the last few years, Walfad has managed to achieve a very firm status as a new generation progressive rock band in Poland.

Wojciech Ciuraj made his debut as a solo artist in 2017, when he recorded „Ballads without Romancses” ( Ballady bez Romansów) inspired by artistic work of Adam Mickiewicz, a Polish Romantic-era poet. Soon, „Ballady without Romances” album has found a large numer of loyal audience worldwide. As a result of its popularity, Wojciech Ciuraj was invited to give some gigs in Japan. It made him the very first Polish prog-rock artist who performed in ProgTokyo festival, as well as in other Japanese major music venues.

In 2019, Wojciech Ciuraj returned with his second solo record „Sparks In The Ashes” ( Iskry w Popiele). It is a part of so called „Silesian trilogy”. Here, Ciuraj’s musical concept aimed at celebrating three Silesian Uprisings which took place between 1919 -1921. The centenary year of this event made Wojciech Ciuraj decide to record three consecutive albums inspired by a very turbulent historical events of his region (every individual record depicts a seperate uprising). While recording his interdisciplinary project, Ciuraj tends to cooperate with the most eminent regional musicians only to reveal and promote so called „Silesian music scene”. As a result, Jozef Skrzek, a legendary SBB frontman, has appeared as a special guest on „Iskry w Popiele”. On 19 August 2020 a second part of the trilogy „Two Elements”( Dwa Żywioły) was released. It is an album that mixes various musical genres, what has made it the most eclectic record in Wojciech Ciuraj’s career so far. Piotr Schmidt, one of the most prominent Polish jazz trumpet player, has contributed to it by appearing on a few tracks.

Due to the fact that Wojciech Ciuraj finds it very natural to engage himself in a concept album stylistics, as well as thanks to his innate ability to break various genre barriers, not to mention an importance of the lyrics that are so crucial part of his works, not without reason he tends to be referred to as a „Polish Roger Waters”. His peculiar singing voice, poetic lyrics and his very own style as a composer make him one of the most interesting prog-rock artists.

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  • Ballady bez romansów / 2017
  • Iskry w ppopiele / 2019
  • Dwa żywioły / 2020
  • Kwiaty na Hałdzie / 2021
Band line-up:
  • Wojciech Ciuraj – vocals, guitar, mandolin, music, lyrics
  • Jan Mitoraj - guitar
  • Natalia Wachtarczyk - saxophone
  • Krzysztof Walczyk – hammond organ, moog
  • Klaudia Wachtarczyk – bass
  • Jakub Dąbrowski - percussion

Sound engineer - Marcin Piekło


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