After the 2014 release of An Unsung Hero, Salty Rains&Him, Walfad – the group declared as the great white hope of Polish progressive rock return with their new album, entitled ‘Momentum’. A group which has undergone many physical changes as well as a tour with the legendary RSC, they are about to open a new chapter in their own musical history.

Walfad (We Are Looking For A Drummer) was formed in the year 2011 by Wojciech Ciuraj. Since that time the group have brought out two albums, warmly received by listeners both in Poland and overseas. Thanks to intensive concert playing Walfad is becoming ever more popular. In recent years the group have had the pleasure to share the stage with the most highly-acclaimed representatives of rock in the country (Quidam, Osada Vida, Lizard, Retrospective, Hipgnosis, RSC, State Urge to name but a few). The band’s trademark has become their vocalist’s poetic, thought-provoking lyrics. The vocalist is also the author of the majority of the group’s music.


  • We Ar Looking For A Drumer (2012)
  • Ab Ovo (2013)
  • An Unsung Hero, Salty Rains & Him (2014)
  • Momentum (2016)
Band line-up:
  • Wojciech Ciuraj – Vocal, guitars
  • Daniel Azar Arendarski – Guitars
  • Dawid Makosz – Keyboards
  • Radosław Żelazny – Bass
  • Kacper Kucharski – Percussion


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