The Ryszard Kramarski Project (TRKP) - or the solo music project of the frontman of the art rock group Millenium.

In March of 2017 the first solo album of the frontman of Millenium. To participate in the album’s production he invited musicians with whom he had cooperated for many years.  Marcin Kruczek (Moonrise, Nemezis, Hipgnosis) played guitars. Grzegorz Fieber (Loonypark, Padre) was the percussionist, Paweł Pyzik (Another Pink Floyd) was the bassist and additional vocals were sung by Karolina Leszko, who has worked with Millenium for many years. The first album, entitled ‘Music Inspired by The Little Prince’ came out in March of 2007 and got its promotional premier at the third edition of ProgRockFest in Legionowie. The record is a typical classic, progressive, melodic-concept album inspired in part by the wonderful book ‘The Little Prince’.

  • Music inspired by The Little Prince (2017)
Band line-up:
  • Ryszard Kramarski - keyboards and acoustic guitars
  • Marcin Kruczek - guitars
  • Grzegorz Fieber - drums and percussion
  • Paweł Pyzik - bass
  • Karolina Leszko - vocals


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