The Broken Bridges

The Broken Bridges

The Broken Bridges is a band referring to classic progressive rock patterns, however, captured in an original and unusual way. Mixing the classics with various specific elements makes the group stand out through its peculiar sound and compositions, which gives it a distinctive sound. You can hear it perfectly on the ‘Endless Road’ album released on 04/11/2019 by the Lynx Music label. You can find here both sound references to the genre's classics as well as elements of prog-metal, hard rock or flamenco. The lyrics mainly deal with topics related to life itself, its meaning, dilemmas of choices and of course the relationships we make in it. The whole composition and arrangement is supervised by the leader, founder, composer, guitarist and vocalist Marek Habryn. Currently the band plays as a quartet and the other musicians have a lot of stage experience.

The Broken Bridges music is an endless journey into the world of many musical sensations that hypnotize the audience during concerts. The group plays them with great commitment, always giving them maximum energy and emotions. Currently, the band is checking at concerts new songs that will be on the next album, which is planned for 2021

The Broken Bridges / FB

  • Endless Road / 2019
Band line-up:
  • Marek Habryn
  • Sławek Kaligowski - perkussion
  • Grzegorz Grzanka - keyboards / accordion
  • Łukasz Dryl - bass


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