State Urge

State Urge is a group which hails from Gdynia, comprised of four musicians, brought together through a passion for creating original music, which it is no mean feat to pigeonhole. They play White Rock, a style of their own. On the one hand it is a style deeply rooted in classic rock, while on the other unpretentious and fresh, but above all emotionally frank. It’s worth remembering that the group take their concert playing very seriously. Thanks to the interest of technical stage advisors, their appearances unfold on a grand scale, and they can draw in their audiences from the often limited spaces around them with brilliant sounds, images and lighting. The only thing left unchanged will be the whites of their shirts.


  • Undeground Heart – demo / 2011
  • What Comes Next? – EP / 2012
  • White Rock Experience / 2013
  • Confrontation / 2014
Band line-up:
  • Marcin Bocheński - drums
  • Marcin Cieślik - guitar and vocal
  • Krystian Papiernik - bass
  • Michał Tarkowski - keyboard and klawisze i synthesizer


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