The roots of the group can be traced back to 1985. “Back then, known as ‘The Fourth Dimension’ we started our musical journey. Unfortunately, in the year 1990 when we parted and all went our separate ways, The Fourth Dimension ceased to exist.” In the year 2008, though, the group was re-formed. The year 2010 turned out to be an important one in the band’s history, because Marcin Kosakowski joined the line-up, and the band changed its name to ‘ProAge. A year later the new band’s first album was recorded.

  • Odmienny stan rzeczywistości (2017)
Band line-up:
  • Mariusz Marysia Filosek — Vocal
  • Arek Aru Grybek — Percussion
  • Marcin Kosa Kosakowski — Keyboards
  • Sławek Yeahlon Jelonek — Guitars
  • Roman Romano Simiński — Bass


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