A Polish band that performs a specific kind of music, inspired by progressive rock and the 70s art rock. They describe their activity as „anti-mainstream”.

The band was formed in 1990 in Bielsko-Biały by the vocalist Damian Bydliński and the guitarist Mirosław Work, and the band members are the keyboard player, Andrzej Jancza, bass guitarist Janusz Tanistra and drummer Mariusz Szulakowski. From the earliest days their music is inspired by groups such as Emerson, Lake and Palmer, UK and King Crimson (the band’s name refers to the title of King Crimson’s third album by King Crimson).

  • W galerii czasu (1997)
  • Noc żywych jaszczurów (album koncertowy) (1999)
  • Psychopuls (2004)
  • Tales From Artichoke Wood (2005)
  • Spam (2006)
  • Master & M (2013)
  • Destruction and Little Pieces of Cheese (album koncertowy) (2015)
  • Trochę żółci, trochę więcej bieli (2016)
Band line-up:
  • Damian Bydliński - Vocal, Guitars, Guitar synthesizer
  • Janusz Tanistra - Bass
  • Daniel Kurtyka - Guitars
  • Paweł Fabrowicz- Keyboards
  • Mariusz Szulakowski - Percussion


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