A Cracovian group consisting of three, progressive rock-playing musicians. They have two studio albums under their belt already. The second, Die Without Living’ was released on 12th November 2018. The more easy-going and less-sophisticated songs of their first album were replaced with songs of a more mature and, in places, darker and more psychedelic nature. 

The boys have played twice on the Kijów cinema stage in Cracow and have also played a few dozen, smaller-scale concerts in other clubs, pubs and festivals. Listening to their music, you can unanimously ascertain that progressive rock is far from dead and can still attract young audiences.

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  • First Mind (2017)
  • Die Without Living (2018)
Band line-up:
  • Dawid Lewandowski - Vocal, Bass, Guitars
  • Dominik Pawlus - Percussion, Keyboards, Acoustic Guitars
  • Szymon Kubala - Guitars


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