Dorota Trojańczyk

She took the decision to be the event artist while in the second class of primary school, when she watched an episode of the fairytale ‘Szuwarek The Water Sprite’, which featured a stellar dragon. This made a lasting impression on her, and because back then those were times when you still could not purchase all your action figures in toy shops, she had to sketch it to keep it in her memory. So, she did. And, she carried the illustrations to school and as a result they featured on the pages of the school gazette. Thus, she came upon the idea of what she wanted to do in later life.

Even as a child she had specific tastes. She liked different, sometimes darker themes. Her favorite book as a child was ‘King of The Crows’ with illustrations by Stasys.

In primary school she always received the worst grade (C with double minuses), simply because during the lessons she drew for the whole class and the time to complete her work before the end of the lesson usually ran out.

After high school she went to art school where, in spite of her many doubts, it turned out she had found herself in the right place, but had to follow her own path. During art workshops, while her friends were drawing The Royal Castle or The Barbakan, she chose to draw old urban yards – less attractive on the eyes but, in her opinion, more interesting. In addition, as she puts it, she has a ‘Slovenian spirit’. And this is reflected in her artwork.

She loves books and mainly magical realism, Polish fantasy books and the poetry of Wojaczek and Grochowiak, and in the garden of her home she wants to install the famous lamp of Narnia, so you could say she lives a little bit in this world and a little in that yet – as she puts it – that is alright by her.

Her artistic role models are Hasior, Stasys, Bosch, Mucha, Wyspiański, Klimt, and where music is concerned her hero is Janerka.

An exhibition of her work took place on 16th March 2018 at 7.30pm in the art gallery of Atrium at The Town Hall in Legionowo.

Dorota Trojańczyk
Dorota Trojańczyk


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