Disposable Soma

Disposable Soma

Disposable Soma (in Latin ‘The Throwaway Body’) a genetic theory about the constraints of aiming for immortality. Since the year 2014 it has been the name of the group, which hails from Warsaw. The band, a progressive rock formation, consists of the following members: Agaty Kozielskiej, Jana Smolińskiego, Petera Echo, Pawła Eggert.

Their songs intensively induce a wide spectrum of human emotions. The sound of the quartet was put in between a well-placed rythmic section, a delicate acoustic sound, melancholy melodies, shouting, silence and soft whispering.

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Band line-up:
  • Agata Kozielska – Vocals
  • Jan Smoliński – Percussion
  • Peter Echo – Guitars
  • Paweł Eggert – Bass


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