A legendary Polish rock group and leading representative of Polish progressive rock, formed in Warsaw between the years 1984-5 by the guitarist Miroslaw Gila and drummer Wojciech Szadkowski.

The group’s first album, Fairytale, came out towards the end of 1990. It contains music with a neo-progressive style, and received very good reviews from both fans and critics. And in 1992, despite being recorded vocally entirely in Polish language, it was circulated by the Italian record production company Vinyl Magic. In 1991 readers of the rock music publication Tylko Rock (Only Rock) voted Collage the seventh best Rock group of that year. In the following year the line-up underwent a significant change, when Robert Amirian, who Collage recorded the album ‘Nine Songs of John Lennon’ officially became the vocalist. Keyboard player Krzysztof Palczewski and bass guitarist Mintay Witkowski also joined the group then and remain part of the line-up today.

fot. Rafał Klęk

Collage on FB

  • Baśnie (1990)
  • Nine Songs Of John Lennon (1992)
  • Moonshine (1994)
  • Changes (1995)
  • Safe (1995)
  • Living In The Moonlight (2004)
Band line-up:
  • Karol Wróblewski – Vocal
  • Michał Kirmuć – Guitars
  • Krzysztof Palczewski – Keyboards
  • Piotr Mintay Witkowski - Bass
  • Wojciech Szadkowski – Percusion


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