The majority of musicians from the first line-up of Believe had met and got to know each other before in various musical circles. 

To Begin with the group was called Collage – a legendary group co-founded by Mirek Gil and also guested by Przemas i Tomek. During this time the album Fairytale, which the world of Rock Art is still talking about today. After the time of Collage life moved the artists around into various line-ups. Mirek worked with Vlodim on the Mr. Gil project and, as nothing truly happens without a reason, this served as a catalyst for the formation of Believe.

After a few years Mirek Gil met with Tomek Różycki and proposed the recording of 2 or three songs. At this time Tomek had had around 15 years break from the music scene and Mirek was on a sabbatical from his work on Ananke and Mr Gil. His head was a filled with a mixture of ideas and inspiration. Mirek said he knew Przemas and Przemas replied by saying it was time to start jamming. After a few jam sessions the boys could feel there were good vibes in what they were producing and they began contemplating recording an album and doing a tour. The search for a drummer went on until Vlodi Tafel arrived. And he played and played so well that his future in the line-up became clear. Next to arrive was Adam Miłosz (keyboards, having previously worked alongside Mirek) . While recording tracks for the first album Mirek realised how great the violins sounded. Hence, the group met up with a female violinist. Just before recording the final product the violinist fell ill and a replacement had to be found. And that’s how Satomi came to be at a Believe recording session. Being a classical musician, she fitted ideally into the music and feel of Believe.

  • Hope to See Another Day / 2006
  • Yesterday Is a Friend / 2008
  • Hope to See Another Day Live (DVD) / 2008
  • Live at the 1st Oskar Art Rock Festival 2006 / 2009
  • This Bread Is Mine / 2009
  • World is Round / 2010
  • Seeing is Believing (DVD) / 2012
  • The Warmest Sun in Winter / 2013
Band line-up:
  • Mirek Gil - Guitars
  • Przemas Zawadzki - Bass
  • Satomi – Violins
  • Konrad Wantrych – Keyboards
  • Maciek Kosiński - Vocal
  • Łukasz Tomczak - Percussion


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