Art Of Illusion

Art Of Illusion

The Art. Of Illusion is an untypical, well-known group with strongly-instrumental and richly-arranged songs, a large number of virtuoso solo acts and a dynamic rhythmic section. The band is in fact a quartet of talented instrumentalists (though it has also worked with many vocalists), which is made up of musicians from different projects and groups such a Hologram, Plotnicky, Yesternight, or from solo acts like Pianomatyk

The group was formed in 2002 in Bydgoszcz and from the very beginning it has shown the public complex progressive rock compositions, combining them however with a sharper, more heavy-metal sound.  The melodic creation and rich arrangements harmoniously work together with the technical proficiency of the band, creating a captivating array of musical types and atmospheres.

  • Round Square of the Triangle / 2014
Band line-up:
  • Filip Wiśniewski – gitara
  • Paweł Łapuć – fortepian, instrumenty klawiszowe
  • Kamil Kluczyński - perkusja
  • Mateusz Wiśniewski – gitara basowa
  • Marcin Walczak – śpiew


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