Progressive rock

The most popular artists from the rock genre are legendary bands such as Pink Floyd, Camel and Marillion, and also celebrated polish groups Collage and Riverside.

Progressive rock or “prog rock”- a rock music genre originating from psychedelic rock. The genre was created in the late 60s of the 20th century and gained the highest level of popularity in the early 70s. Soon after it faded, due to the rise of punk rock, only to return in the form of neo-progressive rock.

The main goal for progressive rock was to elevate rock music to a higher musical standard. Progressive rock songs are usually complex and refined, and the performance of them requires musical virtuosity.

Progressive rock has its roots in:

  • psychodelic rock
  • avant-garde rock
  • free jazz
  • classical music
  • Canterbury scene
  • Folk rock
  • Baroque pop

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