ProgRockFest is a project created by Mikołaj Madejak, for many years now associated with Legionowo culture and a big fan of Pink Floyd. He is also a former professional leisure activities’ organizer and a local patriot closely affiliated with Legionowo.

The idea for the festival came about in the mid-nineties of the 20th century, when his fascination with the music of band Twelfth Night and Geaoff Mann resulted in the writing of his bachelor’s thesis in the School of Cultural Managers. The project was temporarily shelved only to re-emerge in 2015 as the first edition of the festival under the name of ProgRockFest.

Dreams come true. You just have to have them…

The festival is an attempt at showing that rock music is something more than playing a guitar. It’s an attempt at creating a brand that will be permanently etched into the cultural calendar of the town and region. And we did it. Up to now there have been five editions of the festival, which is talked about all over Poland and even beyond its borders.

During the first edition of the festival we hosted three bands: Archangelica from Warsaw, State Urge from Gdynia and Cracovian Millenium. The event turned out to be a success on all accounts. In a full auditorium (all available tickets sold) a fantastic concert took place. Among the audience were people from the Tri-City Area, Łódź, Cracow, Lublin and Warsaw.

The following editions of the festival prove again and again that progressive rock is alive and well there is no shortage of public interest. Since 2017 the festival is a two-day event. During every edition we host a special guest from abroad. In 2017 it was Trettioariga Kriget from Sweden, in 2018 Galahad from the United Kingdom and in 2019, coming to us straight from Canada, Mystery.

During the festival apart from a live performance you can also acquire the albums of the performing bands and other artists from the same musical genre. But wait a minute, which genre exactly? Progressive rock, of course…

1st Edition, miniProgRockFest 2015, March 28th 2015
2nd Edition, ProgRockFest 2016, March 19th 2016
3rd Edition, ProgRockFest 2017, March 24-25th 2017
4th Edition, ProgRockFest 2018, March 16-17th 2018
5th Edition, ProgRockFest 2019, April 5-6th 2019


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