Mikołaj Madejak

I’m proud to call myself a citizen of Legionowo and although I spent my childhood in Sulejówek, I am more connected to this town. It was in this town that I began my musical career in piano classes, it was here that I developed a love for photography thanks to Legionowo’s MOK, where I later worked for a few years. My whole life is centered around Legionowo.

For many years, my biggest musical inspiration has of course been Pink Floyd. I was able to experience their music, as always going hand in hand with a quicker pulse, thanks to Paweł Janiszewski- a man very close to my heart. He clearly knew what he was doing, as to this day they are present in the most important parts of my life. These days among my musical inspirations are Riverside, Lunatic Soul, Amarok, Millenium, State Urge, King Crimson, and many other groups, all of which would be impossible to list here.

As a mature, culturally and musically avowed man I created the Legionowo Live Art project, which combines the most important aspects of my life- my town, culture, the arts, and my organisational nature. And so I was able to start up a few, if I do say so myself, very interesting, original, niche projects: DżeziJazz, CoffeetownJazz, Beznic Theatre and the Theatre of Unsophisticated Forms.

Culture Doesn’t Hurt, however, is a radio program about culture, which I hosted on the local radio alongside Magda Górska.

The original project Legionowo Live Art has become an association, The InQbator Association and The Association For The Promotion and Development of the Zegrze Reservoir, of which committee I am a member of, these are a few of ”places” where I fulfill myself, different ideas and I contribute to my small country.

What about ProgRockFest? Over a dozen years after writing my bachelor’s thesis on the subject of organizing a progressive rock festival, I was able to bring my respectable plan to life.

2015- a year of big plans, many insecurities and fears, but also a compelling need to accomplish this, right here. At the time nobody doubted me or my goals, even though my idea seemed insane. After many months of preparation it was ready. ProgRockFest took place in Legionowo, in front a truly wonderful audience, with an amazing lineup. And all this was thanks to the support of the people who were by my side the whole time and believed in me. Today I am not one to be complacent and I appreciate every positive remark I receive related to the work I do.

Each new ProgRockFest proves to me that it was worth it, that I successfully interpreted people’s needs and most importantly, that dreams come true and it’s worth trying to make them happen. Thanks to you all for being there for me!


Mikołaj Madejak


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