Acute Mind

Acute Mind

Acute Mind was born in February 2006, the idea of Arkadiusz Piskorek. Using their own finances they were able to put together their very first demo material in July 2006, and since that time have concentrated on playing to wider audiences at music reviews and festivals.

The start of 2009 heralded a change in the fortunes of Acute Mind. At that time the group got in touch with Marekiem Kułakowski, owner of the ELECTRUM PRODUCTION record label. Thanks to Marek’s help Acute Mind were able to record their first album under the watchful eye of record producer Sławek Gładyszewski. The result of this collaboration was the album ‘ACUTE MIND’, which had its premiere on 22nd of March 2010. Thanks to the support of Electrum Production, Acute Mind commenced its first national concert tour, during which they played alongside QUIDAM.

Since then they have played many concerts throughout the country and abroad, playing amongst others with groups such as the Swedish ‘Celestial Decay’ and the Polish group ‘Osada Vida’ , ‘Dia Nova’ and Spotless Mind’. Their debut single reached number 11 on the Trójki Radio Station Hitlist  and is still played over the radio and on the Net worldlwide, just like other songs from their debut disc. Towards the end of 2011 the vocalist, Marek Majewski, left the band, and the group commenced work on new material with the assistance of various guest vocalists.

  • Bad Incitements (2006) demo
  • Misery (2008) demo
  • Acute Mind (2010)
Band line-up:
  • Marek Majewski - Vocals, Guitars
  • Arkadiusz Piskorek - Bass
  • Pawet Ciuraj - Guitars
  • Piotr Włodarczyk - Keyboards
  • Artur Jasiński - Percussion


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